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Welcome to Midtown Senior Care

Welcome home! We join you in your golden years, and we open the doors to our lovely home and our hearts. Midtown Senior Care will let you focus solely on your well-being. We are capable of providing you with the care and services required to maintain your health, especially in the most important age of your life. Our approach includes a state-approved set of care programs that are sensitive to the individual needs of our residents.

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In this industry, we acknowledge that not everyone will share the same set of health care requirements. For this reason, we make a systematic effort to know your needs and be flexible enough to adjust your care plans as necessary. When the care plans are customized, better results can be achieved. We work to preserve the level of independence that a client wishes to keep, while still enjoying the services we provide.

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We Offer the Following Services

We work to preserve the level of independence that a client wishes to keep, while still enjoying the services we provide.

Personal Care Services

Giving thorough assistance in daily living.

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Medication Reminders

Let us assist you in better medication adherence.

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Making every second worthwhile

Mission Statement

Midtown Senior Care materializes a strong belief that everyone needs each other. Daily living assistance and the simplest acts of kindness are ever-present. To foster a positive atmosphere, we practice a culture of believing in each other—we believe in our staff, we believe in our residents.

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